Comments about our preschool…

donna s. says:

March 17, 2019 at 1:18 pm

****"This preschool is the best kept secret in Northwest Indiana!"  I heard a parent say that and as a teacher and parent, I'd have to agree.  From the amount of time taken initially on the phone to thoroughly explain the program, to the abundance of wonderful field trips, the ladies at South Side Preschool prove their love for children and for what they are doing.  The preschool focuses more on academics than others do, so the children are well prepared when they enter elementary school.  They prepare a monthly syllabus so the parents really know everything their child will do that day.  Here are a few other quotes I have heard recently: *one parent said, "My son said preschool is better than the arcade!" *"What these children are taught will follow them the rest of their lives." *"Awesome job on the syllabus, its shows how much they prepare." *"They are paving a wonderful path for my son's educational future." *"The syllabus makes me feel like I'm really involved with my child's day." *"I would highly encourage everybody to check out this preschool."



michelle says:  April 6, 2019 at 1:14 pm

Excellent preschool!! by South Side Christian Preschool & Pre-K

My daughter learned so much at this preschool!  She is so ready for kindergarten. Ms. Sharon combines academic learning with preschool fun.  Their spring program is so professional!  When I registered my daughter for kindergarten, they were amazed she knew all her upper and lower case alphabet, phonics, and how to do simple math problems.  Thank you South Side Christian Preschool for a great start to her education!